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We are the ideal choice for working professionals that aim to make your home beautiful through wood furnishing ideas.

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05 May 2011

Wood Floor

Whether it's a residential interior, or a commercial installation, wood flooring gives natural look, warmth, and beauty, as well as the value. The feeling of quality, structural strength, comfort and aesthetic appeal are the main factors why people choose a wood floor over other floor coverings.

Wood flooring is typically split into solid wood, engineered wood and laminate which available in a variety of types of wood. Depend on the types and quality, it may be more expensive than many other types of flooring. However, its durability makes it more economical over time.

Besides enhancing space, wood floors are also perfect choice for a healthier home. In the past wood is considered difficult to maintain, however a new technology in wood stains and finishes make it easy to maintain with minimal sweeping or vacuuming on the daily basis and reduce chemical use. Wood floors do not collect allergens in the same way to make the carpet, making it an excellent option for people with allergies.

Other benefits of using wood floor is each wood floor has its own different styles, durability, color and usage, which is a wide variety of wood flooring to choose from to fit in your personal needs and tastes. Many wood floors come from recycled buildings, warehouses, barns, old ships and other sources, making it an environmentally friendly product. When the wood flooring is properly maintained, it can last a lifetime.

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Wood Design

Responsible & Sensible design

► Hand picked, hand forged, hand finished; it's the personal touch that makes our furniture unique. Our furniture is handcrafted by worker who expertly build each piece from solid, sustainable woods. Enjoy the long-lasting comfort that comes from a beautiful combination of quality and value.

► Specialists in kitchen cabinet, bar counter, wardrobe, walk-in closet, tv console, display cabinet, customized cabinetry, fold & slide door and all kind of furnishing, whether interior or exterior.

► We are delighted accept work offer such as interior design & furniture. Our work coverage mainly consists from Pahang, Johor and Selangor. Looking forward to a long mutually profitable relationship.

Wood Export

Experience & Reliability

► We have quality timber of various species and grade for export, mainly to Japan. Backed by years of production experience, we provide invaluable assistance with: Butt Joint/Finger Joint Laminated Board, Butt Joint/Finger Joint Stick S4S, Solid Stick S4S and Lumber S4S.

► Specification: Species, grade and size will depend on order. We have long-term agent relationships in Japan, if you have any further queries, please contact us.

► Price: based on USD/M3, C&F, grade and size.


About us?

It's not about us, is it? Is about you. More than that, our work is about your dream home and beautiful expression of your personal style.

Yet, we do have a tiny little story to tell, a peek at who we are. We started in 1997 as sawntimber exporter based in Malaysia.

In 2005 we decided to expand into interior design & solid wood furniture. We have since diversified to include all areas of renovation whether residential or commercial.

We love what we do. Each day, we throw ourselves passionately into the task of becoming better at work. Look around; our work says it all.


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